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2019 philly & Baltimore program

Friday, april 26th (Philly) & thursday may 2nd (Baltimore)

🌹Performances by 🌹

Wit López (Philly only)

Essa Terick (Philly only)

Eppchez Yes (Philly only)

PhillySavoy (Baltimore only)
poetrypole (Baltimore only)

Icon Ebony Fierce (Baltimore only)


🔥Films 🔥 

PAIN DULCE / Ramses Rodstein / Feat. Tenoch El Guero / El Cerrito

GAUCHE GILT  / Kinsey Pink / Feat. Kinsey Pink, Masked Anonymous, Tristan Flip, Robin Ardeur, Margot Rose, Ashley Paige, Erin Black / NYC

KELT9B-TALK.CUM / Saleen Gomani / Stockholm

KITCHEN TALK / Reclaiming Our Image / Caritia, Lina Bembe, Evie Snax, Bishop Black, Carmina, Max Disgrace, Viefhues, Mia Secreto, Kali Sudhra, Rebecca, Rooster, Nina Scum & Rude Jude / Berlin

HOT TEA / Marcel Tigchelaar / Netherlands

ROLL PLAY / Shaggy Fetlocks & Jennifer Arter / Northern California

FOXY STRIKES BACK / BEYONDEEP Productions / Feat. Honey G & K Rivers / Los Angeles 

THIS QUEER HOUSE / Rachel Castillo-Larriva and Raye Winch / Feat. Rachel Castillo-Larriva & Raye Winch / Tucson

BRUNCH ON BIKES / Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell / Feat. dot bat & Torian / Berlin

SPRING HAZE / Ero Rose & Laura Baker / Feat. Mia Secreto & Xoe Nova / Philly

SPiN / Chelsea Ross / Feat. Yun Bee, Olivia Nicole, Mae Muerte, Thera They, Ivy Leagues, Nyla Eves, & Jack Addison / Chicago 

OVER THE RAINBOW / Anoushka / Feat. Kay Garnellen, Nicolaj Tange Lange 

BABY / Evie Snax / Feat. Manon Praline / Germany


SATURDAY APRIL 27TH (Philly) & Friday may 3rd (Baltimore)


Performances by 

Icon Ebony Fierce

Mistress Lilith (Philly only)

A. Ti Nyalien (Philly only)

Majic Dyke (Baltimore only)

poetry pole (Baltimore only)



THE FIRST RENDEZVOUS / Jasmine Praveena / Feat. Lena Duvall 

TRIBUTE / Max Disgrace & Lina Bembe / London

ORALLY FIXATED / Kenzi Crash / Feat. Khristina, Zoey Belle, Essa Terick, Vivienne Vai, Jenna Pup, Jade / Philly

PORNORECICLE / Coletivo Coiote / Feat. Bruna Kury, Ventura Profana, Gatynha, Paulx Castello, Walla Capelobo, Raissa Vitral e Marcia Marci / São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro 

INDULGENCE / Amarilla Romine / Feat. Flora Luiz / Brooklyn

WELCOME TO ATHENS / Menelas / Feat. Dr. Alexandros Papadopoulos, Nico Deen, Kangela Tromokratisch, John Strap, Pan Bash, Myron m. Pavenos, Loucas, Costas, & Giannis Maskidis / Greece

THE TALE OF A PRETTY BLACK ASS / Juicebox Burton / New Orleans

CHERRY COLA / Roxanne Drip / Feat. The Insatiable Fuzz & Roxanne Drip / Santa Cruz

INTOXICATE YOURSELF / Jo Pollux, Candy Flip, Theo Meow / Berlin

ALLEGHENY CEMETERY / Annie Mok / Feat. Lynx & Annie Mok / Philly

I FIST A GRRRL / L. Purv / Tennessee / A XXX parody of Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl music video

FRUTAS / Topsy Pendejo, Consuelo Fuego, Sin Vxrgüxnza, Cariño / Philly 

CHI CHI'S HOUSE PARTY / Chi Chi Castillo & Semaj Peltier / Feat. Arianna Cruz-Sellu, Jessica Rodriguez, Sepand Mashiahof, Cherry Red, Angie Holiday, DOLOR, baby bad dog, Semaj Peltier, Scissoring / Oakland

PhILLy both days 

Hosted by Icon Ebony Fierce

Guest of Honor:  Samuel Delany

Introduced by:  mark gunnery

Cupids: Maggie-Malachi Lily & TopShelf

Emotional Support Angels: Wit López, Saroo Gena,

Malachi lily & Zoe

Service by Arazel Newman & Bryan Green 

Kitten: Mia Secreto

Photos by Kaltoum Alibrahimi

Videography by Ero Rose

Postporn Mix by Yung Nila

Art by 

Aurora Luna

Barbara Klein

Briana Shewan

Bryan Green

Curtis Walker

Jessica Reitmeyer

Joyce Hatton


Liz Barr

Malachi Lily

Mars Obsidian

Rachael McLaughlin


Project SAFE ~ no bad humans just bad laws ~

John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archives at the William Way LGBT Community Center

Desire Hope Despair Heavy Industries

SEXx Interactive  |

Leather Coven ~ leather amulets for ALL bodies ~

Pussy-Whipped Leather ~ handmade leather floggers ~

Darb Garb ~ non-phallic packers ~

Mama A's Bath and Body Products

~ organic fair-trade body products ~

Come On Strong ~ angry, funny, political, sexual shirts and buttons ~

Blackelastic ~ fetish and kink illustrations ~

baltimore both days 

Hosted by kotic couture

Guests of Honor:  

Ignacio G. Hutía Xeiti Rivera &

Monica Stevens

Cupids: arazel newman & malachi lily

Kitten: bryan green

Postporn Mix by Yung Nila


SWOP Baltimore
Pussy-Whipped Leather
~ handmade leather floggers ~
Darb Garb ~ non-phallic packers ~
Mama A's Bath and Body Products ~ organic fair-trade body products ~
Shanti Flagg ~ prints and t-shirts ~

Marcela Szwarc

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