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ARAZEL NEWMAN is an otherwordly handsome Gender Queer Faerie and Fetish Muse incarnated in the Chestnut Hill forests of Philadelphia. Cosmic roots and occult influences can be seen in Their many dimensions of Artistic Expression which include co-producing Philly's only Queer POC Burlesque troupe Raspberry Royale; Acting, Modeling, Painting and other Visual and Performance arts. They encourage reconnection to the authentic self through the exploration, validation and  reintegration of the arts, the erotic and the taboo. They also really enjoy eating, fucking and making out with platonic friends.

ICON EBONY FIERCE is a Philadelphia based performance artist and activist that has one mission: to change people's perception of artistic expression one subculture at a time. Icon has a background in theatre, dance, and spoken word performance. Icon also specializes in burlesque, performance art, and drag. Their content includes sex, body positivity, political/social issues, gender equality, etc. Icon is also involved in producing events for Phreak N Queer and co-producing Raspberry Royale and Retrograde Production events.

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