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2023 fest

photo by Ty Burdenski

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(MC) Kotic Couture

May 19th: chartruice & icon ebony fierce

May 20th: pup frankie & mixtrix sunmi park (feat empress wu)


June 9th: (MC) Icon Ebony Fierce,
(performers) The Moon Ba
by, Mz. Peaches, & fyre wood

June 10th: (MC) Mz. Peaches, (performers) Le Siren, Queen Nzinga, Lamia



Bee Daddy & Sons and Bonk  /  Craftie Wo  /  Courage medicine  /  Darb Garb  /  Ether Erotica  /  Funkit Toys  /  Fussy Louise  /  LeatherDykeClub  /  Leatherdykefag  /  Garret young  /  mommy Long Legs Art  /  Nic Art & Design  /  O Horvath  /  PM Press  /  Project S.A.F.E.  /  Pussy-Whipped  /  QueerlyMade  /  Rbbr & bits  /  Red Umbrella Alliance (RUA)  /  Romance by Myoshi  /  SAP  /  Savedge-Brown  /  Shanti Flagg  /  Soak sex quilts  /  Working Boys  /  Woven In Paints



Particular / Cory Jones / Featuring Cory Jones & Antone Martinez / 2019

This is my Prince/ Foot Fetish Fantasy. One man's obsession with his boyfriends feet inspires a day dream, in which the main character embodies Prince to express his fetish.  


At His Whim / Jamal Phoenix / Featuring Daddy Anansi / 2022 / Pennsylvania

The air is hot & heavy with the smell of sex and leather after Daddy Anansi puts good boy Jamal Phoenix at his service.These two gear-freaks unleash their desire for each other and transform this casual sunday stroll into a kinky playground and space of worship.


Bambi and Dahlia's Big Movie Idea / Bambi & Dahlia / Featuring Mimosa, Nikki, Echo November, Veronica Rose, & Dahlia Snow | 2019

3 fetish vignettes featuring Bad Mommies, a test, and a bathroom. 


CAKE / Master Satanas & Gray August / 2022 / New Orleans

Two big titty boys bake a cake!


Bunny X Gator / Swamp Daddy & Ian / Featuring Swamp Daddy, Evie Snax, Chipmunk & Blossom / 2023 / Florida

Bunny gets chased and caught by a big ol gator, and it’s a fuckin bloodbath. the freaks get assistance from the accessibility rats as they fuck till dawn in the florida wilds


Chaac and Yum / Snowflake Arizmendi, Roberto Fatal, & Xav SF / 2022 / San Francisco

Two Mayan Indigneous Two Spirits walk meet at a bar and realize their connection is more ancient than either of them could imagine.


Coven Bang / Erica Nix & Jessica Gardner / Producers Sawyer Stoltz & Jeremy von Stilb / 2022 / Texas, Seattle, & Los Angeles

The year of 2020 took us to some strange places. Psychologically, Spiritually, and (surprisingly) SEXUALLY. Join us as we hit pause to honor our pleasure amidst the tides of uncertainty with the help of a non-specified business conference software. Just because we're alone, doesn't mean we can't be together (sexually). http:/


Farn Porm- Chapter V / Master Satanas and D00M / 2021 / Georgia

A short from feat length BDSM film, FARN PORM. Starring Master Satanas and IV of his loyal daemons. This clip is a cnc scene between Master Satanas and D00m$fae. Master Satanas chases and catches D00m, fucks them in the dirt and they ride off into the sunset.


Freak Juice / Cat Gold / Featuring Plump Majesty, Mia Secreto, Daddy Anansi, Black Water, Lola Exx, Rose Jupiter, Sofrito Palgo, Nila Paradise, Nadia, Jamie Joy, Gem Cut, Indigo Angel, & Mommy Iris / 2023 / Philadelphia & Oakland

Freak Juice is a smushy slimy grimy fluid lovers’ fantasy. Welcome to the gooey swirl.. drown in our piss spit ass cum squirt blood sweat and tears. Be consumed by our nasty, mesmerized by our beauty, and intoxicated by our flavor. Let us fill you all the way up.

Glory Mole / Baby PeePee & Handy Dandy / 2022 / Olympia, Nisqually & Squaxin land

This is an amateur erotic film created on Squaxin and Nisqually land in so called olympia washington. we created it for the gl0ry h0le queer intimacy film festival on solstice 2022. we have a lot to learn from the mole. it burrows deep into the soil, popping up under fences, across boundaries, into gardens and parking lots, private and public spaces. it creates home everywhere. we felt inspired to make something that was both silly (mole porn lol) and just a little spiritual, reverent and crass. queer intimacy in times of crisis feels like the moles, always digging into new ground, trying something, popping up then burrowing down again. plus it was pretty fun to eat a carrot out of a cunt. the mole heals.


Hard at Work / Producer: AORTA films, Director: Mahx Capacity / Featuring Ze Royale & indigo / 2020 / Brooklyn, NY

All work and no play makes Ze and Indigo hot and switchy. Working from home has its perks. So when Ze Royale (ze/they/them) finds Indigo (they/them) working overtime, they decide to take matters—and Indigo’s dick—into their own hands. Ze blows Indigo before riding them on the couch (or is it Indigo’s office?) before a switchy tumble leads them to the floor. Indigo takes the lead by paddling Ze’s eager ass, then eats them out on the stairs. They switch again, fucking against a wall before collapsing together in a deep embrace. Shot during the pandemic, this at-home short featuring IRL partners buzzes with electric, intimate energy.


Hard Hat Required / Samara Halperin / Featuring animated action figures Howard and Bo, with soundtrack by Rocco Kayiatos / Oakland / 2006

Hard Hat Required is a stop motion animated short that brings new meaning to the term, “under construction!    


Harley Quinn vs Harley Quinn / Harley Honey & Mx Sedusa / 2022 / Philadelphia

Watch two Harley's go toe-to-toe. Who will cum out on top? Blowjobs, backshots, and more!


L'ingrediente Principale (The main ingredient) / A Haley Myer & Isis Hockenos / Featuring Esme Elliot & Andre Shakti / 2021 / Los Angeles

A ripe nipple, a clitoris drizzled in EVOO, a generous dash of salt... ingredients of all kinds combine in this mouth watering queer film, culminating in the ultimate feast


La Limpia / Ramses Rodstein / Featuring La Muxer Diosa & Ramses Rodstein / 2021 / San Francisco, CA

Two queer non-binary brujxs, Ramses Rodstein & La Muxer Diosa, come together to do ritual together in honor of Santa Muerte. Ramses performs a limpia & cord cutting ritual on La Muxer Diosa and a wax play infused ritual before ending up in a sexy red lit energy exchange of abundant intentions.


Luscious / Inka Winter / Featuring Karla Lane, & Marina Maree / 2022 / Los Angeles

Set in a voluptuously 1800th century setting, Karla Lane and Marina Maree explore each other's luscious bodies.


Not man enough 1 / Andrés Valenzuela / 2021 / Santiago, Chile

"Not man enough 1" is the video recording of a photoshoot, and also a performance. Actions that seek to face the fear of knowing myself as "not man enough" in a sexist and violent country. My queer body assuming the role of a male soccer fan in a kind of calendar session or erotic casting, from the fetish place. Biographical rewriting from the desire that seeks to redefine and liberate my identity.


PAISA / Dorian Wood & Graham Kolbeins / 2019

Inspired by artist Dorian Wood's song of the same name, PAISA is an immersive fever dream that celebrates the beauty of queer brown sensuality, body positivity and individuality.,


Pigs At First Sight / Jamal Phoenix / Featuring Skip Marshall / 2022 / San Fransisco

Jamal is a sodo-afficionado, and Skip knows exactly how to feel him and fill him up. Two pigs at their best. Oink!


POLLINATION: Fig/Wasp / Halo Starling (Director, Producer), Eppchez Yo-Sí Yes (Producer) / Featuring Topsy Pendejo (Eppchez Yo-Sí Yes), Slug Lord (Malachi Lily) / 2020 / Philadelphia

A cheeky and smoldering musical depiction of plant and insect erotic collaboration, made by video artist and puppeteer. We are inspired by cross species sexual symbiosis to think ever more expansively about what can be a turn on.


Ritual Waves / Lina Bembe / 2019 / Germany

A film centered in ritualistic practices of healing through sexual agency. Ritual Waves claims for a space of introspection and celebration through autoeroticism, with water as an element of strength, depth and resilience through fluidity.


Shattered / Salty / Featuring Caritia & Manon Praline / 2019 / Berlin, Germany

How many queers to change a lightbulb?

Space for shame / Fey, Fabian, Angel, Edval Mokoon / 2022 / Berlin

The short movie is introducing the space for shame project, a movie series where we want to talk about shame, as mark of society, of our personal experiences and backgrounds. We look for “bubble spaces”, that already exist in the present moment, where we don’t feel shame. For more information come in contact via

Stay / Inka Winter / Featuring Dillon Diaz, & Jake Waters / 2022 / Los Angeles

Tender exchanges and a good reason for being later to work.


Tears For Water / Saira Barbaric & Alistair Fyrn / 2020 / Washington State

A femme goes to the water to water to get some alone time. They wash themselves and whisper a spell to summon some release. A sweet beast heeds the call and give her all she dreamed.


The Cannoli Brothers / Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell / Featuring JorgeTheObscene, Rafael Medina, & Martin Hansen / 2023 / Berlin

They may not be real brothers, but their cannoli are anything but fake.


The Holey Grail / Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell / Featuring ron.berger, cyber daddi, Rosa Peligrosa, & Tommy Underdog / 2022 / Berlin

It’s trial by goblet for this horny cup-bearer on his first day. Madame is thirsty and he’d better not spill a drop!

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