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Hot Bits is a queer porn film festival curated and organized by a majority QTIBIPoC (queer, trans, intersex, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) all volunteer collective who design sex-positive experiences centering QTIBIPoC self determined desire, joy, and pleasure. We operate under a DIT (do-it-together) ethos of care for ourselves, each other, and community. We seek to highlight underrepresented bodies as a means to celebrate anti-oppressive queer/trans porn tailored towards experiences, acts and stories often deemed marginal by mainstream society. At the festival's fullest it’s rounded out by workshops, live performances, visual art exhibitions, QnA’s, a match making cupid, elder honoring, trauma informed chill space with support folx, sex positive vendors local to the festival's location and afterparties for connecting on the dance floor, dungeon, and LGBTQI strip club! 

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