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Hot Bits is an annual immersive film and event series that utilizes pornography, curation, and placemaking as social practice to transform spaces into momentary universes and alternate dimensions of queer liberation for trans, BIPOC, kinky, sex-positive queer people and sex workers. We curate erotic film, performance, visual art, vending, workshops and after parties.


We were started in Philadelphia and are organized by a collective with members based in Philly, Baltimore, and Boston. 


Our goal is to celebrate and elevate alternative representations of sex and pleasure. We believe that erotic art, made by and for queer and marginalized people, uncovers the self-determination necessary for fully liberated connection and collective healing: bodily, creatively, and culturally.


Our project is organized by and centers the work and sexual healing of QTBIPoC, sex workers, survivors of assault, trans and cis women/femmes, fat folks, disabled folks, freaks, aliens and witches. We curate a range of works from soft to hardcore and encourage first-time filmmakers and DIY projects.

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