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 What does liberation 
 look and feel like?: 

 an online exhibition 

This group show features art by LGBTQIA artists that addresses themes of sexuality and pleasure. It celebrates a wide range of representation and centers perspectives that tend to be marginalized (even within queer communities, which tend to perpetuate their own forms of desirability politics). The work has been selected with a goal to confront our communities’ internalized fatphobia, ableism, racism, trans/homophobia, whorephobia, and shift cultural perceptions about who is considered desirable and why. Oftentimes, sexuality and pleasure are considered to be personal matters distinct from the more “serious” and public work of political and social activism. This happens even within LGBTQIA contexts, in part due to the ways in which the AIDS crisis ushered in a new wave of respectability politics that mandated images of LGBTQ people devoid of sex. Hot Bits’ focus on sex positivity and queer liberation reflects a broader trend in contemporary queer cultural production. Please enjoy the following works and follow and donate to the artists, bios and links at the bottom of the page. 

GWS_Punishment - BEYONDEEP Productions.p
GWS_BTS Porn - BEYONDEEP Productions.png

GWS, Sex Magic, 2019

GWS, Punishment, 2020

GWS, BTS Porn, 2020

Snow.Adorned.jpg3 - lua snow.jpg
Snow.Adorned.jpg1 - lua snow.jpg
Snow.Adorned - lua snow.jpg
Snow.Adorned.jpg4 - lua snow.jpg
Snow.Adorned.jpg2 - lua snow.jpg

Lua Snow + Fuscous Fury Media

Ador(n)ed (2019), Digital files

$7USD per Image HiRes download for Printing

Dwam_RadicaleTenderness8 - Ursinae Onscr
Dwam_RadicaleTenderness4 - Ursinae Onscr
Dwam_RadicaleTenderness1 - Ursinae Onscr


Radicale Tenderness - Bishop Blossom Boy, Sadie Lune,

& Vex, Cah and Blath, 2018

30x40cm, digital photography, $60 each

IMG_20200229_225255 - Rachael McLaughlin
IMG_20200229_225327 - Rachael McLaughlin

Rachael McLaughlin

Nude 1 through 4, 2020

3in, embroidery, $18-50 each

IMG_20200229_225227 - Rachael McLaughlin
IMG_20200229_225250 - Rachael McLaughlin
Kin Skin (1) - Marcela Pardo.jpg
Kin Skin V - Marcela Pardo.jpg
Kin Skin III - Marcela Pardo.jpg
Kin Skin II - Marcela Pardo.jpg
Kin Skin IV - Marcela Pardo.jpg

Kin is amorphous.

It’s elastic: it spreads, it shrinks, it holds.

Kin is messy.
It’s viscous, sticky, malleable at its best. Uncontrollable.
Sweet and bittersweet; so easy to smear. Contagious.

Kin is sexy and sweaty, full of tears—all the various kinds.

Kin is so damn real. It—they—keeps us here.

It’s anti-geographical, it’s non-topographical.
It’s intersectional, intergenerational, transnational.

It’s heterogeneous but oh-so-homo.

Kin is non-geometric, neither vertical nor completely horizontal.
An ever changing curvy, non-linear, somewhat circular diagonal in a daydream.

It’s ageless and agefull.
It’s silent—but not too often.

It can be so joyful and truly the best dancer.

Kin is what keeps us here.

Marcela Pardo Ariza

Kin Skin I through V, 2019

18'' x 24,' 'Pigment Print $2200 each


Shanisia Person

5$/each prints 10$/each

C11AB04D-4F34-4569-A66A-19EC7E477FDD - A
4BC62653-F3B2-4ED7-BA3E-EAF4669182A5 - A
81AB3C35-4061-41D6-8994-CDF126A76802 - A
610B6822-669F-476A-BF54-F32B9A5AB40D - A
051AB333-8AAB-45E3-A99F-58756CE6D778 - A

Diggy, FemFat, 2020, Photos $75 per print.

wardwell_eliza - Ty Wardwell.png
wardwell_poppy - Ty Wardwell.png
wardwell_kitty - Ty Wardwell.png
wardwell_buddie primary - Ty
wardwell_erica - Ty Wardwell.png
A993E4D2-D1A2-4FD6-A3E4-8B6642D0A554 - M
Mary Henjes.png

Mary Henjes, Sunrise erotics, 2019
flagging for A, 2020

ty wardwell

tiny ass paintings

left to right: fuchsi, eliza, kette, erica, buddie

2.5in x 3.5in, acrylic and pen on kapa, $33 ea. 

(ig: @tinyasspaintings venmo: @tinyass)

DSC04660 - Shanel Edwards.jpg
DSC04856 - Shanel Edwards.jpeg
DSC04904 - Shanel Edwards.jpg
Hot bits submission 1  - Shanel Edwards.

Shanel Edwards

Models/co-artistic directors: Alex Moon and Ashley Davis

(Reject)ed, 2019

Photograph, $150 each

6D674B58-D5FF-4FC3-BE8C-3C5D3B6AA535 - O
9458699F-8A65-434F-808D-E02573EF9FFD - O
B0BDE167-5856-40D7-825C-237B90BACBDD - O
41087046-5C00-4006-9502-26DC5A25E9FB - O
B8FAFF09-10D0-43AF-8849-B2CE16D97C84 - O

Benny Ifeanyi, Rougebenny

3 - freyr a marie.png
1 - freyr a marie.png
2 - freyr a marie.png

F.A. Marie, Touch tryptic 1


Kelly Chuning


18"x24", metallic archival pigment print, $750

Chuning_MÉNAGE À MOI - Kelly Chuning.jpg
Chuning_JILLIN_ OFF - Kelly Chuning.jpg
Chuning_FANNING THE FUR - Kelly Chuning.
Chuning_FINGER PAINTING - Kelly Chuning.
B01CDC33-ECE7-4D2C-A881-A930ADA5BDB5 - s
CAE0CB25-0C93-43D2-8738-EC63FD5886E8 - s


Full Service Sex Workers Deserve Better Working Conditions

Strippers Deserve Better Working Conditions

2020, 2048px x 2048px, prints available for $25-$50

Phillips_Crotch - Heather Raquel Phillip
Phillips_SpeciMan#1 - Heather Raquel Phi
Phillips_Non-BinaryHair(Nails) - Heather
5F170038-8D1C-493F-92C5-F4D4EEB2A8BC - K

HR Phillips, Non-Binary Hair (Nails) (2018), 11"x 17" unframed & numbered $200, 20.5"x 28" Framed $400

Crotch (2016), 20.5"x 28" Digital Archival Photo $400

SpeciMan #1 (2016), 19"x 25" framed Digital Archival Photo $400

5E5F6E4D-9E50-40F6-A8AA-E93EBE66FE8A - K
683F20EC-1AB1-465B-80D8-D5011A08F526 - K

Kier Fearnley Linolicious

A Thorough Paddling (2020) 8x8” Linocut Print, £19.95 plus p+p

Harness (2020), 8x10” Linocut Print, £19.95 plus p+p

Fig.7d (2020) 10x8” Linocut Print, £19.95 plus p+p

Reckless_Melaenis2019 - Aurora Sims.png
Reckless_Whatthewatergaveme2019 - Aurora
Reckless_Eve2019 - Aurora Sims.png

Baby Reckless, Eve (2019) 9x12 Ink + Acrylic2.

Melaenis (2019) 18 x 24, Acrylic + Oil on Canvas

Veritas (2019), 9x12, Ink + Acrylic

What The Water Gave Me (2019), 9x 12, Ink + Acrylic

Reckless_Veritas2019 - Aurora Sims.png
gembutler_moonthyme - Ruby Butler.jpg

Gem Tha Jawn, Ring of Protection (2016), 11x17, Digital Collage, $50

Gem Tha Jawn, Moon Thyme (2019), 16x20, Digital Collage, $50

gembutler_ringofprotection - Ruby Butler
Ziphina, Focus (2019), Digital
ShantiFlagg_Tail - Shanti Flagg.png
ShantiFlagg.Sunday(LineartClean)2019 - S
ShantiFlagg_Whip - Shanti Flagg.png
Shanti Flagg. Whip (2019). 11x14", ink.
Shanti Flagg. Tail (2019). 11x14", ink.
Shanti Flagg. Sunday (2019). 11x14", ink.

Hank Cock Fairy1 - Hank.png

Hank, Uncut Cock Fairy, 2019 (yarn and wood)



Baby Reckless is a visionary artist, poet and witch whose work focused on sex,myth and occultism. On any given day they, can be found bringing new worlds to life through the use of their magic, the written word and their paint brushes. / @baby_recklesss / cashapp: $babyrecklessss

Benny Ifeanyi is just a young artist trying to show the world the beauty of the male body. @rougebenny

DIGGY is a black, queer, BBW with a mild obsession with unicorns, lingerie and weed.
cashapp $digableplanet / / instagram: @buy.mecandy

Dwam Ipomée is a 35 year-old queer artist from France, jill of all trades. They're a severe insomniac trying to cheat on sleeplessness by creating lots of art works in tattoo, photography, illustration, video, and comics. Their work is a sort of visual poetry, set to blur the lines of orientations and genders, revolving around queerness, fluid sexualities, polyamour, questioning stereotypes and normalcy.

F. A. Marie (THEY, THEM, THEIRS) is a queer/non-binary/trans* multi-disciplinary artist and educator born and raised in north/ centraL New Mexico, Tewa and Tiwa territories. Freyr gives care in expressing complex realities and relationships more fully through mediums such as painting, drawing, textiles, garment construction, physical performance, design, cosmetology/barbering and music. Freyr invests in uplifting critical consciousness, by respecting and nurturing livelihoods of creative relational practice to combat the cultural impacts of internalized violence.

Gem Tha Jawn is a self taught digital artist from North Philadelphia. Their art aims to visually communicate her curiosities regarding the intersectionality of race, gender, sexuality, and mental health. These inquiries stem from Gem's cultural history, their ability to decode dreams, manipulate time, as well as their use of these skills for healing purposes. (I will be archiving all work to this page but is where a lot of my work is currently posted).

GWS is a visual artist and co-founder of Beyondeep Productions who spreads love and empowerment through different mediums and eroticism. / cashapp: @BeyondeepProductions

Hank is currently living in New York and studying at the School of Visual Arts. They have a strong interest in sex, kink, cocks, and the part they play in history. 



Heather Raquel Phillips is a Philadelphia artist, educator & curator. She earned a BFA cum laude from Tyler School of Art and an MFA from The University of Pennsylvania, where she was the recipient of a Toby Devon Lewis Fellowship and a Stuart Egnal

Scholarship. Her work has been exhibited in LA, Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC, New Orleans and Chicago. Phillips is a lecturer of fine arts at The University of Pennsylvania and The Lincoln University. She was awarded The Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant 2017 and is the 2019 visiting scholar at The Leather Archives and Museum.

Kelly Chuning - This project examines my sexual identity through stigmas of my exterior persona. I am told my body mimics that of a child and nothing more—never sexy or sensual, but cute and tiny. I found these perceptions problematic while growing into my sexuality, where my upbringing inherently caused shame and embarrassment indulging in any erotic acts. I am divided between immaturity and maturity.
Adult novelty "toys" and childhood toys are both means for which one finds escape and nostalgia. The use of adult sex toys serves the purpose of sexuality and acts as a totem for adulthood, while the brightly colored substance pooling around these toys mimic that of overtly sexualized fluids sparked with commercialism; while the fluid itself is children's glitter glue. It is an infantile interaction, shedding light on societal comfort and escapism. / instagram: @kelly_chuning

Kier is a printmaker producing sex positive linocut prints. / instagram - @linoliciousprints

Lua Snow and Fuscous Fury Media have collaborated on exploring the juxtaposition of heavier kinks such as Medical Fetish, Steel and Blood play in a way that is both soft and harsh, romantic and violent, beautiful and repulsive. An ongoing and deepening exploration in Queer Love. Lua is an Agender/Gender Queer multidisciplinary Artist and Sexworker, who's work centres on their disabled, chronically ill and autistic experience.

Fuscous Fury Media- (Kit) is a Queer femme Photographer & stylistic powerhouse who specialises in capturing LGBTQIA+ portraiture and erotica. instagram: @fuscous.fury

/ twitter @fuscousf / beemit @fuscousfury

Marcela Pardo Ariza is a queer latix visual artist and curator that explores transhistorical and intergenerational kinship, alternate forms of representation while celebrating the erroneous through constructed photography and site-specific installations. Ariza has presented work and collaborated with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Palm Springs Art Museum, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Berkeley Art Museum, SFMOMA, among others. Ariza holds an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a co-founder of Womxn Art Handlers. / @marcelapardoa

Mary Henjes is a Philadelphia based sculptor and angry dyke.

Rachael McLaughlin is a queer artist that has a passion showcasing queer bodies.

Shanel Edwards is a Black Queer Non-Binary Philadelphia based dancer, photographer, director and poet. Their work centers Black Queer Femme-hood, intimacy as a tool for healing, and radical joy. They create artwork in a world where tenderness and rage coexist. There are no sharp corners but when needed, there are knives. Their artwork finds plush landscapes for laughter and slow dancing with one another. Their artwork is a compass as a queer/ non-binary / first generation Jamaican. / @shaneledwardsart

Shanti Flagg is an Indian lesbian artist. She makes drawings & paintings about relationships, bodies, women, and alternate histories/futures.

instagram: @seeyounextuesday__ 

Shanisia Person is a NB AfroLatinx multimedia erotic artist, they use their work to express their complex feelings about sexuality, which they believe rules everything in its own bizarre interconnected way. Whether it be BDSM or just conversation on gender, they allow the material to facilitate the decisions going into a painting. They expand on the topics and material they work with consistently, from PVC to leaves to canvas the theme stays the same. Included in this show are the GAG’d GXRLS, this is from an illustrative series in which I hoped to explore what BDSM would look like in different worlds. Starting with the tools, I inevitably wanted to see who these items would be used on and created a group of femmes who were both intimidating and powerful, and owned and reveled in their own pain. I thought it important, though I almost always depict womxn and femmes in a place of control and power, to show femininity in a submissive role that still maintains the status of strength. This is where the use of canonically and iconically powerful monsters became important, culturally these three are viewed as fearsome and strong. Which I feel one must be to accept and own their pain, ultimately saying, especially as submissive they are still in a place of control and strength.

Squiggles.and.Slutsis a Baltimore based queer/trans prettyboy, Libra, stripper, e-slut, fssw, artist and so much more. I make work about life in the sex industry as a trans person who has to change their identity for work. I do this both to process my own feelings and experiences as well as to connect with other sex workers to have conversations about the issues we face as a community. / venmo: @theygirl / instagram: @squiggles.and.sluts

Ty Wardwell - Tiny ass paintings are made with love in berlin by ty wardwell, a performer, pornographer, and painter of ass, tiny-like. / @tinyasspaintings

ziphina is a black, queer, kinky femme on a quest to explore her erotic, sensual side through fucking and pleasuring. A budding Dom and Muse, she plans to liberate herself and others from this stale society, one orgasm at a time. We all deserve a reality where we can express ourselves to the fullest, whether that's clothed, in gear, or in our birthday suits. She's a Sagittarius looking for her next steamy adventure. @ziphinax 

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