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2020 FILMS

the abduction of evalina


Have you ever had a dream filled with strange images penetrating so deep into your mind that you wake up confused and cocooned in plastic, wondering what's real? In this hot and sweaty sci-fi thrill, submissive human doll Evalina finds herself in a mysterious world captured, unwrapped, and made a pleasure vessel by a handsome otherworldly creature with magical abilities and perverted intentions. 6 minutes. 

Directed by Rai Yin Hsu; featuring Evie Snax & Jaysen Drake

Bambi and Dahlia's Big Movie Idea


Fetish vignettes featuring Bad Mommies, a gimp being tested, and a bathroom. 9 minutes

Directed by Bambi & Dahlia

Featuring Mimosa, Nikki, Echo November, Veronica Rose, & Dahlia Snow 

candElaria y creep


Candelaria and a horned Creep in leather are cruisin for trouble and find each other thirsty in the desert. Trouble ensues with the help of a sissy bar and a strap. 7 minutes. 

Co-Directed by Mimi Mookhiif, Ev Echoviia, & Tiffany Saint Bunny; featuring Baby Candelaria, Mimi Mookhiif

chocolate drop


A first date takes an interesting and grossly unexpected turn...

12 minutes.

Directed by Bryan Green; featuring Bryan Green, Manny Mouse, Evie Snax, & Karlita Libre



Consentity is a interdimensional queer porn created by Glitxch and Starr, two trans sex workers and artists. We played with the cross section of visual art, super natural themes and created a really queer, fun, consensual porn that expands the way physical and bodily intimacy can be conceptualized. We wanted to make a porn where verbal consent is a central plot device, so we created the character known as the "Consentity" (consent entity) who leads the characters on their consent journey through time and space. 6 minutes. 

Directed by Starr and Glitxch

Eat me outside 


In “Eat Me Outside,” two lovers enjoy a hot session of pussy worship on a balcony overlooking a busy street in Colombia!

8 minutes. JUMP TO TRAILER >

Directed by BEYONDEEP; featuring Honey G & K Rivers

extra extra terrestrial


human alien in a computer,
your screen is a portal.
let’s create non-space together


9 minutes. 

Directed by Soliana Habte



Sierra McKenzie ties Essa Terick as they describe their experiences and fascination with the art of rope play. 9 minutes. 

Directed by Ryan Suits; featuring Sierra McKenzie & Essa Terick



Lina and Carmina are preparing guac for dinner and talking about their Mexican heritage and what it means to leave far from home. 15 minutes. 

Directed by Carmina; featuring Lina Bembe & Carmina

hard hat required


Hard Hat Required is a stop motion animated short that brings new meaning to the term, “under construction!” Soundtrack by Rocco Kayiatos. 3 minutes. 

Directed by Samara Halperin; featuring Animated action figures Howard and Bo

in my chambers


In My Chambers is Pornorama's first film. Driven by the lust of her own image on the screen, Yoftka makes of her room a temple of freedom to evoque her sexuality as she pleases, just as any other girl in her room. 7 minutes. JUMP TO TRAILER >

Directed by Blanca ReyGal; featuring Yoftka

little mary


Skin pierced with passion

Finding freedom from pain

Two bodies as one

Letting extasy reign. 10 minutes. 

Directed by Jo Pollux; featuring Pascaline & Leoncita

Mes Chéris


Part documentary, part pornography, Mes Chéris is a transboi’s farewell to his boobs. One month before his mastectomy, Dot takes on the role of Chéri, a character modeled after his experiences as a fierce fem sex worker. This raunchy tribute subverts straight porn tropes and mainstream trans* representation in a radical act of self-love.15 minutes. 

Directed by Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, and Bat Boi; featuring Bat Boi and Dante Dionys

mimi tempestt - a plastic kind of love


This is the official music video of the single 'A Plastic Kinda Love' by the queer, fat, and black Los Angeles based artist Mimi Tempestt. It was shot on January 1, 2020 in Paris France by queer and latinx theatre and film director Lexplosiva *7. The video utilizes an old school retro camera to create a 1990's nostalgic visual. The lens takes the perspective of Mimi's lover as they playfully allude to their sexual prowess and rhetorically ask their lover about who could be better than them in this moment. 3 minutes. 

Directed by Lexplosiva *7; featuring Mimi Tempestt

moss bank

[an excerpt from (w/hole)]


Dressed in nothing but a gauzy robe, Evie Snax lays on on soft moss, surrounded by foliage. Papi Femme enters to find Snax wet and ready; the dreamy queers kiss, and suddenly shadowy figures (Ohms and Woolf) reach from behind the greenery to spray a gentle mist. After stuffing Snax’s mouth with flowers (and her ass with a glittering plug) Papi makes Snax squirt, and she convulses with waves of pleasure. 9 minutes. 

Directed by AORTA films / Mahx Capacity; featuring Papi Femme and Evie Snax, with Erykah Ohms and Ginny Woolf

the multiverse in a mouthfuck


A metaphysical trip of self discovery, from the seven principles of Hermetism to the seven keys to master our lives. (Inspired by true fuckts). 21 minutes. JUMP TO TRAILER >

Directed by JorgeTheObscene; featuring Rafael Medina, JorgeTheObscene, Sultan of Filth, Schoko Channel, Tristan Rehbold, Jo Pollux, Kate Hole, Medad Rangay, Candy Flip, Mad Kate, Nicky Miller, Gio Black Peter.

my garage my rules

Just an average day at work in the girls garage.
11 minutes. 

Directed by Manon Praline; featuring Lola Tormento & Manon Praline

nueve lenguas

Community collaboration // various play scenes leading up to group play scene in an old factory warehouse turned play dungeon // different scenes include impact play, wax play, pet play, oral sex, and bondage. 10 minutes. 

Directed by Mayra Cortez, Cristal Alba, Kaya DT, Mah Nu, & Jelly


Inspired by artist Dorian Wood's song of the same name, PAISA is an immersive fever dream that celebrates the beauty of queer brown sensuality, body positivity and individuality.

8 minutes. JUMP TO TRAILER >

Directed by Dorian Wood & Graham Kolbeins; featuring Dorian Wood, & Manuel Rodrigues /


This is my Prince/ Foot Fetish Fantasy. One mans obsession with his boyfriends feet inspires a day dream, in which the main character embodies Prince to express his fetish.

5 minutes. JUMP TO TRAILER >

Directed by Cory Jones; featuring Cory Jones, Antone Martinez

ritual waves

A film centered in ritualistic practices of healing through sexual agency. Ritual Waves claims for a space of introspection and celebration through autoeroticism, with water as an element of strength, depth and resilience through fluidity. 5 minutes. 

Directed by Lina Bembe; featuring Lina Bembe



How many queers to change a lightbulb? 5 minutes. 

Directed by Salty; featuring Caritia & Manon Praline


Outside it was a hot summer afternoon, inside the factory the two lovers were washed in cool blue light.

One asks the questions, sharp, hard-core but always with deep connection; the other answers when she can.

Submerge is one of the million chapters of a queer BDSM love story. 15 minutes. JUMP TO TRAILER >

Directed by Ena Lind; featuring Cyber Daddi, Dot Bat

touch me

An homage to queer hands. 3 minutes. 

Directed by Kenzi Crash; 



Explicit queer porn film by Chelsea Poe that incorporates lush layers, creative lighting, and abstract color stories over hot queer hook ups. Trippy location-based visuals set the scene for each strap on thrust, each kiss, and finger-and-Hitachi-fueled orgasm. 12 minutes. 

Directed by Chelsea Poe; featuring Xoe Trope & Courtney Trouble

2020 Film Trailers


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